Hope you are enjoying this "Demo Program" to go on 20000 MediPOINT Touch Screen Kiosks in Pharmacies and Health Centres. Feature ALL your products where appropriate.

  • 1. POM Patient Counselling Secure Program Access code known only to Health Professionals
  • 2. POM Disease Awareness in Self Help - No Product names mentioned - Company Logos OK.
  • 3. OTC + P Medicine Adverts in Self Help.
  • 4. Staff Training in secure program.
  • 5. Product launches Secure Program for Pharmaceutical Representatives to use.
  • AND your company will be sent Touch Activity Research Data.

RATE CARD: 14p x 52 weeks x 20000 sites x 3 years for all your products to be featured for 3 years = £436,800 Plus VAT@20% £87360 TOTAL: £524,160
Call 0800 988 2388 OR E-mail: medipointproject@gmail.com

Send Finished Artwork Here:


E-mail: demo_example@gmail.com

www.tpfreetalk.com Video Conferencing and File Sharing : Demo Example

Acceptable computer Files: JPG, MPG, PNG, GIF

Please Quote HTML Screen Reference above MediPOINT logo for Position of Your Initiative to Appear on MediPOINT Touch Screen Kiosk System.